Double Bow Arm Chair

Available in Ash & Elm

This is the most iconic of all Windsor chairs but having sat in a lot of the original designs of the double bows that all have the same fault; the arm bow going round the back of the chair is always pushing into the middle of the sitters back. I have overcome this uncomfortable problem by steam bending the top bow in two planes this makes it possible to push the arm bow back ¾” making it impossible for the sitter not to feel it in their back, There-fore making the chair ergonomically very comfortable


Fan Back Double Bow Arm Chair

Available in Ash, Yew & Elm

This style of the Double Bow goes back to the 18th century and in my opinion a very elegant chair, I fan out the back spindles to add to its elegance.  I put all the same comfort points into this chair as in all my chairs.


Continuous Bow Arm Chair

Available in Ash, Yew & Elm

I put my own interpretation into the very elegant design making the seat much deeper at the back with the lumber bend in the back spindles giving that extra support.



Available in Ash, Yew & Elm

Originally developed by the Victorians to follow the Gothic influence of the period. From the original design I have developed the ergonomics and looks of this chair, both the under arms and back spindles I made finer, involving precision steam bending techniques, giving the chair a very individual look.

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Single Bow Arm Chair

Available in Ash & Elm

This chair is the same design as the Double Bow arm chair, difference being I’ve taken away the bow, and steam bent the back spindles to give a lumber support.