I make Traditional Windsor chairs with care and passion, visitors are always welcome to my workshop, where you will find me working most days, unless I am out sourcing the timber I require for making my chairs- green Ash, seasoned Elm and Yew, the quality I require is difficult to come by, I am a traditionalist when it comes to having the right quality timber.

If you would like to visit me in my workshop, please ring or email, to make sure I’m around, when you come maybe I’ll be turning ‘round’ parts on my bobbin bow lathe, or I could be ‘steam bending’ bows and spindles, maybe even finishing a chair, wax or polishing, whatever stage I’m at, your sure to find it interesting and fascinating nothing like you’ve seen before.

All aspects of this traditional craft are true to the time honoured techniques, using traditional chair maker’s tools and with long since forgotten respect for the countryside and environment, rarely seen in modern times.

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