12 -Childs Chubby Chair.JPG

Childs Chubby Chair

Available in Ash, Yew & Elm

This chair design, although very common is very local to me in Southam, having seen an original in a friends house. The name came about because of the similarities to a child’s ‘chubby’ legs. It is a Beautiful heirloom for a child to use up to about six, then pass on to another generation.

In making this chair I used Elm for the carved seat and arms, Yew for the small turned spindles and Ash for the under parts, legs and stretchers. This child’s chair takes the same amount of time to make as a larger adults version (which I do not make) reflected in the price.

15 - Welsh Stick Back Chair.jpg

Welsh Stick Back Chair

Available in Ash & Elm (painted choice of colour)

This Windsor chair I made to my customers own design, even though it is an older style, it is still a Windsor chair, all parts going Into the seat of the chair.

The seat I made from one piece of 3” deep Elm, completely flat. Elm also used for the arm and small top comb, the rest of the chair I made from ‘green’ Ash, three legs, three under arm spindles, either side and three long spindles, all these shaped with a drawknife and I finished off with various sizes of spoke shaves. I painted the whole chair with black ‘milk’ paint and completed chair with one coat of finishing oil.

Note:-Chair can be made and left as natural wood, with one coat of finishing oil.